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Tom Diederich: Principal

Tom has worked in social media before it earned its moniker, starting his first blog in 1996 as a Tokyo-based journalist. The following year he helped his newspaper, The Daily Yomiuri, launch a new section called "Cyberworld."

In 1998 he moved to San Francisco as one of Computerworld's first "online" reporters. Since making the jump to the corporate world in 2000, he's helped some of Silicon Valley's best-known companies (SGI, Palm, Intuit, Symantec, Cadence Design Systems, Lithium, Ninety Five 5 and Percona) implement and manage successful internal- and external-facing communities and social media programs.

His expertise encompasses corporate blog management, online community building and management, brand management, digital content creation, copywriting, email campaigns -- as well as the management of Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube channels, Pinterest pages....    

Tom lives in Granville, Ohio, with his wife, 2 dogs, 1 cat and ten little sheep. Find him on Skype at tdieds.